FAQ: Scrapyard Empire: Strategic Card Game for One to Four People
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How does International Shipping work?

Deluxe Edition: International Shipping to Canada, the UK, Germany and China is INCLUDED with the “International Jack-of-all-Trades A” reward. For other countries, refer to the area of the page with bright green buttons and find your location. If you’re in Western Europe and some other areas, you’re in luck as we’ll be shipping from within the EU and have discounted rates. Just find the add-on shipping amount, then select the “INTERNATIONAL JACK OF ALL TRADES B” reward and increase your pledge by the appropriate amount at checkout or press the appropriate green button, above. If you are paying discounted shipping, you will only be able to add on the 15-character expansion pack for $11. You won’t be able to add on any cool swag like prints, coasters, t-shirts and other items. This is because it is done through a 3rd party fulfillment center. If you would like to get the extra stuff, then the only way to do it is for us to assemble the orders here, in our office. We were able to get discounted shipping, but not nearly at the rate that can be achieved using the outsourced solution. Basic Edition If you’re in Canada, UK, China or Germany, select “International Mechanically Gifted A” for free shipping. The only add-on you can include at this level is the 15-character expansion pack for $11. In other countries, the shipping is currently $10. You will be able to add on other items. Last updated: Mon, Jul 14 2014 8:56 pm EDT

How do I Add On Extra Items?

Pick out the add-ons you want and add up the total cost Add that to your reward pricing - this is your new total On the project page, click the big blue button labeled “Manage Your Pledge” On the page that follows, keep your reward level the same, but change the dollar amount to the new total (reward + add-on amount) and submit If you are outside the US then be sure to include the appropriate shipping amount Last updated: Mon, Jul 14 2014 12:55 am EDT

What’s a “Key Card”?

This is basically a cheat sheet to help you figure out what parts and small machines you need to build your invention. It’s great for mapping out your strategy at the beginning of the game, and to refer to here and there throughout. It’s most useful for people who are new to the game. After you’ve played a few rounds, you’ll start to get familiar with the items you need without having to reference the card. One key card is all that’s needed to play a basic game as players can share it, but having multiples adds the convenience of not having to pass the guide around. It’s like sharing a menu at a restaurant vs. passing around the wine list. You can see a preliminary (unfinalized) image here: http://www.galliantgames.com/wp-content/uploads/keycards.png Last updated: Mon, Jun 9 2014 5:57 pm EDT

Will the custom character cards add-on match the rest of the deck?

The short answer is, probably not, but we have a great solution to this common problem. They will be printed separately from the rest of the game, which means that most likely they will be printed on a different card stock, on a different printing press, with different inks. In our research, we discovered that some Kickstarter projects that have tried this in the past have had very negative feedback on the final results. To get around this problem, if you order 1 or more custom character cards, we will also include duplicates of the 8 main character cards that come with the core set. These will be printed by the same company, at the same time, as your custom character cards. The result will be a much better gaming experience because all of the character cards you play with will match one another. Last updated: Mon, Jul 14 2014 12:57 am EDT

Do the miniatures come painted? What will they be made out of?

The miniatures are unpainted by default in the $65 Deluxe Edition. You may select the $105 version if you would like the miniatures to come pre-painted. Our plan is to make them out of resin. We thought about metal, but this would increase the cost to produce the game substantially, and would probably add some weight as well. Most gamers are hobbyists as well, and enjoy painting their own game pieces. Last updated: Mon, Jul 14 2014 12:56 am EDT

Where is Scrapyard Empire being manufactured?

Most components will be manufactured in China, and add-ons will be manufactured at various locations including the US. Last updated: Tue, Jun 10 2014 11:13 pm EDT

Shipping Updates
For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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