Scrapyard Empire: Strategic Card Game for One to Four People

Created by Galliant Games

Scrapyard Empire: Strategic Card Game for One to Four People
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685 backers pledged $36,201.50 on Kickstarter

Compete to craft machines and build inventions in this set collection, steampunk strategy game. Cards, dice & miniatures!

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$36,201.50 / 685 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: January 2015
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Print - Doomsday Ray
8.5" x 11", printed on approximately 230gsm stock with a matte finish.
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Print - Flight Pack
8.5" x 11", printed on approximately 230gsm stock with a matte finish.
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Print - Terrigible
8.5" x 11", printed on approximately 230gsm stock with a matte finish.
Uploads 2fcfccf59f64f6b1b4cf361f5a93440a43 2ftime legacy square thumb
Print - Time Machine
8.5" x 11", printed on approximately 230gsm stock with a matte finish.
Uploads 2f37d445dc153e14297977e1a926e38c0f 2friggsby goggles legacy square thumb
Basic Clockwork Filigree Goggles – Worn by Jerry Riggsby
Get a pair of goggles depicted on the character card for Jerry RIggsby. Your choice of leather st... more »

Game Components

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Basic Edition - Preorder
Get a copy of the Basic Edition.
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Deluxe Edition - Unpainted - Preorder
Get a copy of the Deluxe Edition.
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Character Expansion
15 characters with unique abilities. You may add-on this item regardless of the country you are s... more »
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Custom Character Cards
Be a contestant in the game! Send us a 434x574 px image and we'll print it on a character card. W... more »
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Center / Solo Board
Center Board on front, solo extension on back.

Scrapyard Swag

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Deluxe Edition - Painted - Preorder
Get a copy of the Deluxe Edition with Painted Miniatures.
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All 8 Coasters
Get all 8 invention-themed coasters at a discount.
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All 8 Invention Prints
Get all 8 invention prints at a discount. 8.5" x 11" on photo quality, matte finish paper.
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Dice Cup
Scrapyard Empire Dice Cup With Logo
Uploads 2f68c81f48ce1310c765a9fc70ab795139 2fcoin legacy square thumb
Scrapyard Empire Coin
Solid brass, 1.75" diameter. Final design may vary from the image shown.
Uploads 2f0e609960f7336546c95641bcbc606569 2ftshirt legacy square thumb
Front: Clockwork brain & phrase, "Artificial Intelligence beats real stupidity." Back: Scrap... more »
Uploads 2f9e42e7266763f5e0ca7d135aece36444 2ftime legacy square thumb
Coaster - Time Machine
Uploads 2f6221021427b6c63fea739ec7e638d151 2fterrigible legacy square thumb
Coaster - Terrigible
Uploads 2f846fd4c5fef00f754d75093b8ab21d7b 2fflight legacy square thumb
Coaster - Flight Pack
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Coaster - Doomsday Ray
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Coaster - Glove of Ruin
Uploads 2f346996946f0c62f5abaec5d6574efffa 2fhouse legacy square thumb
Coaster - Strolling House
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Coaster - Subterranean Sub
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Coaster - Death Clock
Uploads 2f79f7c70169d9b491a7cb21f299321b40 2fglove legacy square thumb
Print - Glove of Ruin
8.5" x 11", printed on approximately 230gsm stock with a matte finish.
Uploads 2f90d8ac11e9d1cc4583b6ad14ec5edb27 2fsub legacy square thumb
Print - Subterranean Sub
8.5" x 11", printed on approximately 230gsm stock with a matte finish.
Uploads 2f3c0fb2ff34e5a33a517d9486a8cb86f0 2fclock legacy square thumb
Print - Death Clock
8.5" x 11", printed on approximately 230gsm stock with a matte finish.
Uploads 2fa0b439c691caf23393381bc9434ef3c1 2fhouse legacy square thumb
Print - Strolling House
8.5" x 11", printed on approximately 230gsm stock with a matte finish.
Uploads 2f5a9e0c59c33418c12847ed47840f31c3 2fminiatures legacy square thumb
Set of 8 invention miniatures.
Uploads 2f3192f4c0b588c5f3e20bc3cad2e4a1f3 2fplaymat legacy square thumb
Player Mats (2)
2 extra player mats. NOTE: the game is designed for 1-4 players. Simply adding extra mats will no... more »
Uploads 2f303cc69b19ccf3a76602f92fa1ab4682 2fbee side legacy square thumb
Pollination Goggles - Bee and Flower - Luna Tech
Goggles worn by the character Professor Luna Tech. Includes bee charm on one side, removable meta... more »
Uploads 2f436489b5ba395328313a8277023a6e76 2fmoulin rouge goggles front g011 353x353 legacy square thumb
Moulin Rouge Goggles - Penny Valentine
Goggles worn by the character, Penny Valentine


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Shipping (REQUIRED)
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Steampunk Swag

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Steampunk Goggles Dice
set of 3 pairs of dice (6 dice total) with Steampunk Goggles on the "1" side.
Uploads 2f5cc638a63b90617958cb5679890cd6c5 2fspgcoins legacy square thumb
Steampunk Goggles Coin
From our previous project - limited quantity available. 1.75" diameter, solid brass.
Uploads 2f078d247bd934f13f47419a3da7609edb 2fse legacy square thumb
Steampunk Goggles - Standard Edition Poker Deck
Uploads 2f2d51d44d3582c8bc30f2048c264e57e2 2fsigned deck legacy square thumb
Poker Deck - Limited Edition - SIGNED
Limited Edition deck with cellophane removed and tuck case signed by the artist.
Uploads 2f1e1e8c910f2867a1013ebe2ab09c1584 2fleu legacy square thumb
Poker Deck - Limited Edition - UNSIGNED
Limited Edition deck sealed with cellophane intact.
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Discounted Gift Certificate For
Get a DISCOUNTED gift certificate for Delivered as a digital code via email... more »
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Blue Aviator Goggles

Learn About Our Project:

If you missed backing Scrapyard Empire and are interested in finding out how to get a copy after the campaign has ended, then please visit for the latest details!

Shipping: Look for the GREEN BUTTONS under REWARDS further down the page for easy pledging by location. We've got FREE SHIPPING to the US, Canada, Germany, UK, China and Taiwan, plus reduced rates and EU-friendly shipping to other destinations in Western Europe, with games shipped from within the EU. Free or discounted shipping applies to most locations in Western Europe. See rates below.

Print 'n Play Deck: We want people to enjoy Scrapyard Empire to its full extent as soon as possible and have decided to include all cards, including all stretch goals in the PnP deck (please ignore the message that says 4/8 inventions & characters under rewards). A few of the cards (no more than 8) will have a small watermark on them signifying that it is the Print 'n Play version of the game. Backers at all levels of PICKER and above will receive a PnP copy of the game in digital format by August. Please add $2 to your pledge if you would also like a PnP version of the 15 character add-on.

Game Overview: Collect cards from the Parts deck to build Small Machines. Activate one-time abilities on the small machines, or trade them in to build Inventions. The first player to build 2 or 3 Inventions wins (depending on game mode). There's a touch of luck with dice rolls which can be mitigated by discarding extra cards.

Play with friends or play by yourself! Scrapyard Empire has two card games in one! Play a quick 10-15 minute round of Solitaire, or play a 30-60 minute game with a group of two, three or four players and use your character's special abilities to out-maneuver your opponents. This is no ordinary set collection game; you can draw, trade, dig through scrap piles, steal from opponents, or activate the special abilities of small machines. Be the first to build two inventions and win!

* Boards and miniatures come with Deluxe Edition. Miniatures come unpainted in $65 Deluxe Edition. Painted available for $105. Final game will vary slightly from image shown above.

** Deluxe version now comes with 1 center board and 4 player mats.

Sample Cards

The game includes 4 decks: 100 Part Cards (Green), 52 Small Machine Cards (Orange), 8 Invention Cards (Blue) and 10 Character Cards (Brown). These are our current designs. Note that the border treatments were refined since the video was produced, and we've added an orange background treatment to the Small Machine deck, and illustrated backgrounds to the character cards (in the video, the backgrounds were white).

Scrapyard Empire is a fun set collection game that adds an element of chance by introducing dice, while allowing you to offset your luck with strategic modifiers to improve your dice rolls by trading in a few cards.

Stretch Goals Achieved!

Scrapyard Empire will have an ultra-polished look and feel, with cards now printed on premium stock with a linen finish! Invention cards are now printed with metallic ink! Character cards in both sets AND the 15-character add-on get printed on heavier stock!

We hit two character card stretch goals, and the game will come with 10 character cards instead of 8!

The Basic Edition now comes with 4 dice instead of 1!

Box Contents: Check out the differences between the Basic Edition and the Deluxe Edition, then decide what's right for you.

Just looking to pick-up and play? The Basic Edition has all of the bare essentials needed for 1-4 players.

Want an enhanced gaming experience? Get the Deluxe Edition with premium dice and other components. Organize your cards better with beautiful player mats, avoid getting jinxed by having extra dice for every player, and add drama to the game with 8 beautifully crafted miniatures that represent each of the inventions you build!

Choose Your Rewards: Easy Pledging! Just find your location and then select either Basic or Deluxe. Note: locations that specify "Sorry, No Add-Ons" means that we cannot provide coasters, t-shirts and other cool stuff (see "Cool Stuff" below) at the quoted shipping rate. You will need to select the "Everywhere Else" level if you wish to obtain these items, as they require us to pick & pack orders at our facility in the USA. 

Discounted shipping rates outside the US are provided through international distribution channels.


Player Mats (4 Included With Deluxe Edition, 24" x 9")

Organize your cards during gameplay with these beautiful player mats, inspired by the cover art from the literary series, Voyages Extraordinaires (Extraordinary Voyages) by Jules Verne. They're durable at about the thickness of a playing card, and fold in half for easy storage.

Center Board (1 Included With Deluxe Edition, 12"x14")

The center board has areas for each deck of cards, along with the scrap piles (i.e. discard piles) and a large area for miniatures to be held on display until they are built, at which point each player may move the miniature from the holding area proudly to their own mat.

Solitaire (Solo) Board Design (Stretch Goal, 12" x 14")

Stretch Goal Achieved! This is the 1-player extension will be printed on the back of the center board, making it easier for you to organize your cards during single-player game-play. You just use this along with one of the player mats and you're ready to rock!

Character Cards (10)

We hit our stretch goals and there are now not 8, not 9, but 10 unique characters included with the core set, and each character gives you a special ability that can be used throughout the game. Skills range from having better odds when stealing from opponents, to being able to build inventions with fewer small machines. Read your character's description and make their motivations yours!

Bonus #1: See add-ons below for 15 additional characters you can obtain for added variation and replay value.

Bonus #2: We also have custom character cards as an add-on to make your game truly unique with character cards that contain photos or images that you provide (you must own rights to the images -- nothing copyrighted). Note: We will not edit your images - you will need to provide them at exactly 434 x 574 pixels so that we can just paste them into the design. These will be printed by a different manufacturer than the base game and may be on a different card stock. As such, we include duplicates of all of the original characters in this pack with the intent that you can play with the full set seamlessly.

Invention Cards (8)

There are 8 unique invention cards included in the game, each with breathtaking artwork. Build enough inventions before your opponents and win the game!

Bonus: See stretch goals below for how we can include more inventions with the game as a Kickstarter exclusive!

Small Machine Cards (52)

There are 52 Small Machine cards, comprised of varying quantities of 9 unique designs. Once built, small machines give you a special advantage for one turn in the game, that can be activated at any time. Maybe you want to force a trade with an opponent, or maybe you want another character's ability. When you're ready, trade in a few small machines to build an invention.

Part Cards (100)

Part cards are the lifeblood of your small machines and inventions. There are 100 Part Cards comprised of 15 unique designs in varying quantities. Pay attention to the rarity described in the flavor text at the bottom of these cards when strategizing your next move. Trade in 3 parts to build a small machine.

Reviews: If you enjoy strategic card games that have a bit of luck peppered in, as well as beautiful steampunk artwork, then you'll really enjoy Scrapyard Empire.

Kickstarter Staff Pick

Building your Invention is a mini-adventure unto itself, and you have to carefully navigate both the junkyard piles and the nefarious twirly mustache behavior of your opponents. You also have less than an hour to accomplish this. - Ryan LaFlamme, The Cardboard Republic

It comes through extremely well in terms of taking (steampunk) and putting it into a very fun environment and a very engaging game. When I first sat down to play with it, it seemed like a typical set collection type game. And then we started to realize all the different interaction points. - Tox, Crits Happen

With fun artwork, fluid game play, strategy, and a touch of luck, this one is a hit! - Tim Norris, GreyElephant Gaming

Scrapyard Empire combines competitive, interactive gameplay along with a quick to teach and learn rules set, throws in a SteamPunk theme, and comes up with a heck of a fun card game! - Lance Myxter, Undead Viking Videos 

There’s enough here for regular shop gamers, for families with game nights, for kids in their cafeterias at lunchtime... and the flavor is fun and intuitive... You've got a pretty boss game here. - Mike Eaton, Play Unplugged

It's unlike anything you've played, with a little chance, a bit of trading, and a very natural, easy to learn set of mechanics. - Greg May, The Uncommons - Boardgame Cafe

Scrapyard Empire... is tons of fun. It’s easy to learn, hard to master, and enjoyable at any player level. The game keeps the pressure up, has high replayability, and will even let you take creation into your own hands once it releases in full. - Raine, Initiative: Tabletop

...just played thru a solitare game and loved it. Can't wait to give a few more players a go! - Matt Cipoletti, Big Kev's Geek Stuff (Podcast here, download and go to 52:00 for a teaser)

1 Player Solitaire Gameplay

Waiting around for your friends to show up for game night? Sitting in the library or food court and need to kill some time? Try our 1 player version for a fast 10-15 minute, high tension solo game.

Stretch Goals: Not only did we surpass our funding goal of $15,000, but we more than doubled it, and we now have the funds to improve the overall quality of the game. Check them out!

Add-On: 15 Character Expansion Pack

This add-on is available to all backers in all countries, regardless of pledge level, for $10 in the US and $11 everywhere else, even if the reward says "no add-ons." We were able to work out a deal with the manufacturer to print and include them in the box, making it possible to ship them through international distribution centers. The set comes with a total of 15 cards, matching the same card stock and linen finish as the core set. Please note that the style of the artwork is different than the characters in the core set. Below is a sample:

Other Add-Ons

These are available for free shipping to the US. If you are interested in add-ons other than the 15 character expansion and are outside of the United States, then please see this update for instructions - it's a little wonky so send me a private message if you need help. Note that everything below with the exception of the 15 character add-on will most likely ship from the US.

Invention Prints

Below is the invention artwork so you can get a feel for what the 8.5" x 11" prints will look like. They'll be printed on photo quality stock, approximately 230gsm with a matte finish. They'll have a white margin of approximately 0.5" all around. We did prints on our last project as an add-on and they came out fantastic!

Status of Artwork

We've rendered all inventions, small machines, parts, characters, icons, card backs, card fronts, game boards and 3D models. That said, there is always room for improvement and we want to make a few tweaks before we begin manufacturing. These should not slow down our release schedule - changes will be done iteratively as outlined below.

Icons: We've redrawn all of our icons for better readability, particularly for the visually impaired.

Boards & Mats: We've tweaked the designs during the campaign and they're print-ready.

Miniatures: We are in the process of simplifying the designs for actual game-pieces so that they are durable and can be made out of fewer parts.

Stretch Goals: This is where we will need to create new artwork. We will begin the new artwork as soon as we hit our funding goal.

Add-Ons: Most of these just require us to send artwork to the various companies in its present form, so no real design work is needed.

Production Schedule


Design & Marketing Credits

Click here for a list of the game designers and artists involved in this project.

Click here to learn a bit about some of the inspiration behind our artwork.

Marketing by SHIFT1 and Consorte Marketing

A Galliant Games Project

Join the Party!

Please help us see this game to production! We have had a blast playing this game with our group and we've had great feedback from playtesters and reviewers alike. We hope that you let us share this wonderful experience with you as one of the backers who made Scrapyard Empire come to life. Thanks so much!